13 Interior Design Techniques to Reduce Stress

By Erik Servia


The way we design our homes and work environments can have a major impact on our stress levels and emotions. Learning how to make your surroundings more peaceful and calming can help you to feel at ease all day long. Here are some decorating techniques to soothe all of your senses.

Visual Techniques

13 Interior Design Techniques to Reduce Stress

Opt for warm colors.

Warm colors tend to advance toward your eye to create a more intimate feel. Colors have different degrees of warmth, depending on the shade you pick. Warm colors will help to heat up adjoining cool colors. This means you can include any of your favorite colors as long as you pick the right shades and coordinate carefully.

Get organized.

Clearing away clutter will instantly make any space look more serene. Plus, it won't cost you a penny! Return everything to its proper place. Sell or donate stuff you no longer use.

Layer your lighting.

Take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Trade in your harsh overhead lighting and high watt bulbs for a variety of floor and table lamps that provide a softer effect. Mirrors also help to brighten things up.

Work with your space.

If you need to tie a big area together, consider decorating with patterns. A striped couch will make your living room look cozier. If you're trying to feel less cramped, select furniture with legs and cutouts and clear tops to maximize your air space.

Sound Effects

13 Interior Design Techniques to Reduce Stress

Get a water fountain.

The sound of running water has appealed to people for centuries. You can even get desktop fountains for your office or solar powered versions for your garden if you want something environmentally friendly.

Put up wind chimes.

Try hanging a few on your back porch. Put out a bird feeder and be serenaded with bird songs every morning.

Play relaxing recordings.

Browse online or buy a CD full of recordings of falling rain, splashing waves, or wind gently blowing through trees. Try a White Noise app on your phone to play soothing sounds of water, crackling campfires, and more.

Scent Appeal

13 Interior Design Techniques to Reduce Stress

Light a candle.

Candles made with natural ingredients can provide you with soothing scents without polluting your space with chemicals and soot. The soft, warm glow of the gently flickering flame will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Rely on traditional scents.

Lavender, sage, and sandalwood are old favorites because they work well for calming the mind. Try our Camphora candle to create a serene, spa-like setting. For living herbs, lavender is easy to grow yourself and requires little maintenance. Just cut a few sprigs and take them indoors whenever you need to bring freshness to a room.

Experiment with new fragrances.

For more variety, shop around for new and intriguing scents. Our popular Obscura fragrance is light and zesty with deep, earthy undertones. Antiquity will transform any space into a tranquil reading nook.

Textural Elements

13 Interior Design Techniques to Reduce Stress

Put something different on the walls.

There's more to wall art than framed paintings and photographs. Try an unusual object that will make you want to touch it, like a sculpture made of up-cycled materials.

Fluff up your bedding.

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so turn your bed into a comfort zone. Stock up on feather beds, soft flannel sheets and plush comforters to feel snug and cozy.

Use accent pieces to add texture.

Unusual and inexpensive accent pieces can add textural interest to any room. Knit your own throw blanket for a sofa. A unique indoor plant can add texture to a counter or shelf.

Transform your home and office with design choices that will help you breathe easier and reduce your stress levels. Especially if you're coping with a demanding schedule, creating rooms that accommodate all your senses can help you feel calm and composed. This will bring you peace not only at home, but everywhere you go.


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