Crystal Healing and the Value of Color

By Sarah Czarnecki 

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has exploded in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. More and more people are opening their minds to getting in touch with their energies, both positive and negative. Increasing awareness of the energies flowing in and out of the body and practicing mindfulness is an important component of any sort of healing. Crystals and their associated colors make excellent conduits for energy flow. Crystals operate primarily on the mind, welcoming energy, balancing vibrations, and acting as a reminder to take care of our higher consciousnesses. 

Everything has a resonant frequency and crystals are very stable. Humans have incredibly varied energies, so using the correct gems with the correct vibrations resonate with everything from the mindset to the liver. Crystal healing allows a user to tune their mind and body like instruments. To expand upon the musical metaphor, each crystal is like a note and the body is a symphony. Adjusting the body’s instruments with energy changes will improve the overall balance quality of the song.

Crystal healing is not magic. Using crystals and color therapy requires a level of trust and willingness from the user. The ritual of cleansing, selecting, setting intent, and meditating with crystals offers a sense of peace and tranquility that is beneficial to stress relief. Combining this with the powerful suggestion of color psychology, crystal healing can have a tremendously positive effect. With a relaxed and open mind, crystal healing allows the user to reach for a higher level of connectedness with their spiritual self.

Enhancing Medicine

Though healing crystals are not a substitute for quality medical care, they can add a great boost. Many practitioners of crystal healing use gemstones to help alleviate medical symptoms and improve energy flow to particular points of the body. 

Focusing the mind on a beautiful piece of nature, such as well-chosen crystals, channels positive energies to the body while siphoning off the negative. Clearing away stress and emotional pain is simplified with the use of stones. Assigning meaning to a stone is enough to help provide a physical reminder of intent. This reminder can help reset the mind and alleviate confusion and worry. Moving energy in and out via a conduit like gemstones promotes emotional centeredness, which is vital to reducing pain. Indeed, caring for the mental and the spiritual aspects of well-being increase the body’s receptiveness to physical healing.

Meditation is widely accepted as healthy. Both medical professionals and holistic healers promote meditation to reduce stress. Meditating on healing crystals encourages a more focused level of stress management. Reducing stress and promoting positivity is well known to improve overall health. 

The use of healing crystals, meditation, mindfulness, and color therapy may be useful in reducing stress and supporting the body’s overall well-being, but it is very important to note that these things are no substitute for quality medical care.

Color Psychology

Even crystal healing skeptics will benefit from stones thanks to color psychology. It’s a well-known phenomenon that color does have an impact on mood and mental imagery. The judicious use of color is an important component of effective design, fashion, and even advertisement. 

It is no coincidence that marketers use the color red to indicate sale pricing to induce a sense of urgency and importance. The color orange is fun and energetic, so brands that use this eye-catching color to impart a sense of playfulness. Yellow represents happiness and enthusiasm, but also caution. These warm colors universally inspire energy, joy, excitement, happiness, enthusiasm, and power. Cool colors, on the other hand, are relaxing, calming, or soothing. Green, for example, is a peaceful color that often reminds the viewer of nature. Actors relax in a green room for this very reason. Blue represents logic and serenity as well as loyalty and communication. Banks and financial companies often use the color blue in their logos to inspire trust. Purple, which rides the line between warm and cool colors, represents luxury, ambition, wisdom, and creativity. Black is established as a symbol of sophistication, authority, seriousness, and mysteriousness. Combining all colors together, either as a rainbow or as the clear prism that creates it, represents a healthy balance.

Viewing a vibrant color inspires a certain mental image. Colors stir feelings and increase vibrational energy in the brain, stimulating different emotions and sensations. Carefully selecting the appropriate colors for each situation enhances the mood and mental status of the user. Colorful crystals channel these images and energies into the mind and the body as a way to direct focus and promote mindfulness. 

How to Use Crystals

There is no incorrect way to use healing crystals; methods to use crystals vary from user to user and from situation to situation. Crystals are available in a wide variety of formats ranging from raw stones to fine jewelry. Some people enjoy using pendulums, points, or holding stones in their palms, while others feel that drinking water infused with crystals is beneficial. Others simply place them around their home in auspicious locations. Still others just stick them in their pockets and bring them along on their day for a physical reminder of the energies they wish to harness. 

Only the user knows how a crystal will work for them. Some may just want to look at the gem once in a while whereas others want to really get in touch with the crystals on a spiritual level. The most important aspect of crystal healing is to maintain the desired intentions. Using gems as a symbol of the desired change or improvement allows the energies to flow into and out of the body correctly.

Choosing the crystals is a matter of complementary vibrations. The user may be attracted to a certain stone not because of aesthetics (although beauty is a major component to successful crystal healing) but because the energies of the stones resonate with those of the user. 

Cleaning and Activating Stones

Stones conduct energy as well as store it. It’s important to cleanse a new or used stone before setting intentions to ensure the greatest benefits. Cleanse away old energies by rinsing the stone with water or resting it under moonlight. Then, the user resets intentions by holding the crystal and imparting new energy or will onto it by focusing the mind and linking intentions to the stone. 

Many people relate crystals to various chakras. Chakras, spiritual focal points on the body first identified in Hinduism, are frequently associated with crystals. It’s very common for healing crystals to share the colors and meanings of the chakras, so this makes it easy to visualize intent, further deepening the potential healing of a meditation session. 

Like all gemstone usage, the techniques for setting intentions and cleansing are a personal choice. Some may choose to meditate in the method described while others simply “tell” the stones their wishes to set intention. However it’s performed, the ritual of cleansing and programming stones adds spiritual value to crystal healing, thereby boosting the effectiveness.

Stones for Beginners

All of these stones are readily accessible, gentle to use, and offer immediate positive results in a broad range of categories. These crystals are excellent for building a toolkit for meditation and introspection.

Amethyst - This cheerful purple stone is available almost everywhere as either a tumbled stone or a beautiful multi-faceted geode. Amethysts in any form work to calm the mind and stimulate higher thought, including creativity, positivity, and open-mindedness. Slipping an amethyst under the pillow or placing it on a bedside table invites dreams and alleviates insomnia. Heighten imagination and natural psychic ability by meditating with an amethyst. Amethysts are excellent for promoting sobriety; in fact, the word “amethyst” is Greek for “not intoxicate.” 

Rose Quartz - The “love stone,” rose quartz, epitomizes the green heart chakra, despite its pinkish hue. Rose quartz amplifies emotion and gets the user in touch with their emotional vibrations. Rose quartz prompts love, self-love, trust, and protects the heart both physically and emotionally. It’s great for pregnant women as a symbol of protection and bonding. Use rose quartz as a reminder of the importance of self-care.

Clear Quartz - This all-purpose stone is a magnifier. Pair it with other crystals, or use it alone to heighten positive energy receptiveness and to cleanse the body of negativity. Memory, concentration, meditation, and introspection are all improved by clear quartz. Program it with specific intentions, making sure to cleanse between uses. Consider this stone the prism to create a rainbow harmonizing the body’s vibrations.

Tiger’s Eye - Luck, productivity, money, wealth, confidence, empowerment, willpower. All of these positive energies are boosted by a tiger’s eye stone. Tiger’s eye symbolizes the balance between light and dark, improving the user’s objectivity and good judgment. This powerful stone stimulates natural skills, talents, and activity, as well as blocking stage fright. This is the stone for success. 

Hematite - Hematite is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and is electrically conductive. Named after the Greek word for blood, reddish-silver hematite is the stone for focus and emotional grounding. It clears away confusion and anxiety, bringing the user’s mind back to earth. Hematite reminds the user of safety and encourages the shy. This stone makes a strong talisman for courage and confidence.

Smoky Quartz - Both representative of the crown and the root chakras, smoky quartz provides the unique combination of groundedness as well as mental clarity. Smoky quartz is excellent for managing stress and diffusing negative energy. This grayish brown stone protects against fear, siphons off negative energies, and is great for treating low mood. 

Himalayan Salt - Available as a lamp or as edible salt, Himalayan salt is a very popular stone that’s great for improving mood and sleep quality. Highly ionized air is known to increase serotonin levels, and a salt lamp releases a quantity of negative ions naturally. Many people who suffer depression and anxiety say that Himalayan salt lamps provide gentle relief because the warm amber color is a natural boost for creativity, self-confidence, and enthusiasm.

A rainbow feels whole and complete. A crystal healer will use colorful gemstones to increase vibrations in the selected color to correct imbalances. With the symbolism of colors in mind, it is no wonder that crystals impact mood and thinking. The colors alone will act on the mind, and by focusing and meditating on certain colors and their associated meanings, crystals become a powerful tool.

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