Did You Know You Have More Than One Astrological Sign?

by Victoria Wheeler

Astrology Chart

That’s right, there’s more to your birth chart than your sun sign (the common zodiac sign you probably already know).

There are three main signs that casual to intermediary astrology aficionados commonly reference and keep tabs on: the sun, moon, and rising signs—and everyone has all three.


Keep reading to learn what your sun, moon, and rising signs say about you, and to learn what a birth chart is and why you should have one drawn and interpreted for you at some point in your life.

So my sun sign is the sign I’ve always known?


In short, yes. Your sun sign is your standard zodiac sign. It’s the sign people are generally referring to when they ask, “What’s your sign?” Your sun sign is the sign you’ve probably known most of your life that you can recall.

How do I know what my moon and rising signs are?

If you don’t already know, you can easily determine your moon and rising signs by using an online calculator. However, you will need to know what city you were born in and what time you were born.

It’s very important that you ascertain your actual time of birth and do not guess it because being wrong by even thirty minutes can change your rising sign.

If you aren’t sure of your exact birth time, ask your parents or check your birth certificate. If you don’t have an original copy of your birth certificate that includes your time of birth, it’s relatively easy to obtain an original copy from city hall in most places in the United States.

How are they calculated?

Your moon sign is calculated based on your position relative to the moon at the time of your birth. Your sun sign, place of birth, and time of birth are all factored into the calculation.

Your rising sign is calculated very simply by determining which sign was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. Your sun sign and time of birth are factored into the calculation.

What do your three main signs say about you?

Now that you’ve taken a moment to determine what your signs are, let’s discuss what they mean about who you are as an individual and how you interact with and respond to the world around you.

Sun Sign: Your Core Identity

Your sun sign represents who you are and your personality at its core. It’s an accurate representation of your passions, your ego, and even the type of energy you need to fuel your fire and feel revitalized.

To put it as simply as possible, your sun sign describes your basic human nature, who you are at the most fundamental level. Think of your sun sign’s different elements as the foundational building blocks of who you are as a complete person.

Moon Sign: Your Inner-Self

Your moon sign represents who you are deep down inside, your innermost self. It embodies your emotional side and how you process your feelings.

Being that this sign rules most of your secrets: your emotions, memories, desires, etc.—people do not generally have opportunities to see traits of your moon sign outwardly.

Rising Sign: How You Express Yourself To Others

Your rising sign is sometimes referred to as your ascendant or ascending sign.

This sign represents your outward expression of self to the world. Some refer to it as your social mask, but that makes it sound as if your rising self is a farce; it’s not.

Your rising sign is more like the social version of yourself, how you choose to present yourself to the world; the clothes you wear, what you say, how you wear your hair, your first impressions and reactions to things and people, etc.

What is a birth chart?

Astrology birth charts are often referred to as natal charts. They are maps of the placements of all the planets and celestial bodies in the sky at the exact time of your birth.

It’s important to note that birth charts map the placements of planets and moons in their journeys around the sun from our perspective here on Earth.

Why is a birth chart important?

The birth chart alone isn’t inherently important, as the average person does not know how to read or interpret it. What’s really important is, at least once in your life, having a professional astrologer prepare and interpret your birth chart for you.

What kinds of information will an astrologer find in my birth chart?

Your astrology birth chart contains deep-level insight on your strengths and weaknesses, preferences and patterns, optimal partner matches, blind spots, etc. You can use the insight you gain from a birth chart interpretation for development and personal growth.

A professional astrologer will usually look for some key data points in your birth chart to complete their interpretation. Some of those data points include:

  • Which astrological sign and which house each planet is in
  • The signs Venus, Mars, and the moon are in, as well as which house is the house for love
  • Saturn as an area for improvement, and Jupiter for a place of potential luck
  • The aspects (angles) formed between any planets
  • Whether there are any stelliums (three or more planets in any one sign concentrating energy there)
  • The elemental balance of signs in the chart
  • The quality balance in the chart
  • The pattern or shape that the planets make in the chart

When is a good time to get a birth chart and interpretation?

Everyone should have their baseline birth chart and interpretation; you can obtain this at any time. You can purchase a birth chart interpretation from any major astrology website at a relatively low cost, or you may choose a more personal option and hire a human astrologer to prepare your chart and interpretation.

Aside from obtaining your baseline birth chart, there are two standard times of year that are good times to revisit your birth chart and compare it to the upcoming movements of the planets and moons: your birthday and the beginning of the year.

A professional astrologer can help you interpret upcoming transits in your chart and offer advice on how to handle issues you will be running into soon. Transits are when the planets cross, or transit, any of the fixed planets in your chart.

Transits can either make your life easier or more difficult. Your astrologer can determine this and offer the best advice on how to handle your upcoming transits.

Final Thoughts

By learning your sun, moon, and rising signs and obtaining a full birth chart interpretation, you can gain unmatched insight into yourself. You can use the information you learn in your personal life, in your career, in romantic relationships, with your family and friends, etc.

The insights you gain are helpful for every single facet of your life. Try using the reading and the traits of your signs to improve yourself while heeding any advice in the reading and releasing things that no longer serve you.

Do some research today and decide where you’re going to obtain your birth chart and interpretation. If you already have one, do some research and pick an astrologer to help you interpret transit charts.

Victoria is an eclectic witch based in the Midwest who stays actively involved in the online pagan community. When she’s not writing, you can find her offering guidance to less experienced witches and moderating large witchcraft groups and forums. Follow her adventures on Twitter at @witch_imightbe

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