How To: Choose a Candle Scent Online

How to Choose a Candle Scent Online

We're serious about scents. It's kind of our thing.

We make our candles by hand, in small batches, and blend them with the highest quality oils we can get our hands on. Our passion is to make sure you find a candle that you love and can't stop burning!

We know it can be tricky to choose a scented candle that you cant smell first.

That's why we try to make shopping online at Lux Arcana Candle Co. as easy as it can be. Below, you'll find a few tips on picking the perfect scent.

1. Find Your Scent Group

First, it helps to decide what scent group your preferred fragrances typically fall in to. We find that everyone usually has a favorite scent group, whether that style of scent reminds you of a particular time in your life or just matches your style.

At Lux Arcana Candle Co., we've got a scent for everyone.

Do you prefer scents that are light and airy?  Try Obscura, with delicate florals and fresh air accords.

Deliciously fruity? Nocturnum is the way to go, with notes of apple, blackberry, and black currant.

For the Man Cave, the smokey Ignitus.

2. We Can Help

Here at Lux Arcana Candle Co., we take care in explaining the different scent notes of each candle, so check the product descriptions. By reading through the scent descriptions and note profiles, you should have a pretty good idea if it's a candle you'll enjoy burning.

Still not sure? Send us a message with a few of your favorite smells, and we can recommend something we know you'll like!

3. Location is Key

Where you plan to burn your new candle can have an impact on the scent you should choose. Consider the general size and mood of the room that you'll burn your candle in.

For example: clean and fresh scents like Smudge work well in kitchens, while light floral scents such as Succulent are the perfect fit for bathrooms, and for the bedroom, go for something warm with a little spice, like Baltic Gold or Rustica.

Remember, bold scents can be overwhelming in smaller spaces while softer scents may get lost in more spacious rooms.

4. 'Tis the Season

Bring in the outdoors by matching your home fragrance with the season.

When it's wintery outside, bring warmth and create a cozy atmosphere with a woody, spicy scent such as Yule.

For spring, think of bright scents such as Camphora to freshen your space and assist with the spring cleaning.

When the leaves begin to fall and the nights draw in, try Wassail to set the autumn mood.


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