Pick a Card: What Are General Readings?

by Victoria Wheeler

If you’ve ever meandered onto the spiritual side of YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have seen photos or videos of several neat piles of cards with a single crystal on top of each. The instructions tell you to “Pick a pile” or “Pick a card,” but what does this mean?


These are general intuitive/psychic/empathic readings that usually involve both tarot cards and oracle cards. Some readers even include astrology, numerology, and other methods of gaining insight into the future in their general readings.


We consider these readings general because they are for the general public, rather than readings for one specific individual. However, I urge you not to get deterred from trying out one of these readings due to the term ‘general.’


Even though they are made for groups of people instead of you specifically, they are still typically spot-on regarding accuracy and relevance to your life. Most people find that they do resonate with the messages in Pick a Card General Readings.


So How Does It Work Exactly?

The reader typically draws most of the tarot and oracle cards beforehand and arranges them in three to five piles. These are the piles each person watching or participating in the reading will have to choose from to decide which reading is meant for them.


It’s often easier for people to tell which pile of cards calls out to them if readers place a single crystal on top of each pile of cards. After looking at the piles of cards with the different crystals placed on each one, it’s usually very easy to tell which pile (or piles) you’re drawn to.


It’s okay if you feel a pull towards two or even three piles of cards. Sometimes there are messages meant for you in multiple readings in that particular post. Read/watch the readings for all piles of cards you feel attracted to.


I Picked My Cards, Now What?

What comes after you pick your cards will depend heavily on which platform you’re using to participate in a reading.

  • YouTube—YouTube is one of the most straightforward platforms for Pick a Card General Readings. The reader typically starts with an introduction, shows you the piles with the crystals, gives you a moment to make your selection, and then hops right into the readings.

The reader starts with pile one, completes their entire reading, then moves on to pile two, and so on, until they have read all the piles.


One of the best features about YouTube Pick a Card Readings is that the reader typically includes the timestamp links to the beginning of the reading for each pile of cards in the description and the comments section.

This feature is helpful because you can jump immediately to the reading for the pile of cards you chose without having to sift through the entire video. These videos are often over an hour long, as it typically takes around twenty minutes to read each pile.

  • Twitter—The way readers on Twitter execute Pick a Card General Readings often depends on the number of followers and engagement they receive on their posts. However, there are a few main ways that readers typically do things.

On Twitter, the reader typically posts a photo of the piles of cards with crystals on top and gives everyone several hours to comment which pile they’ve picked.


The way Twitter readers deliver their readings for each pile can vary greatly.


Sometimes they simply reply to their original thread with an image containing the typed up reading—one image per pile of cards. They will often like everyone’s comments to indicate that they’ve posted the readings so everyone can go check out the reading for their pile(s).


Other Twitter readers are more selective about who they provide these free readings to. For example, to participate, you may have to be following them and retweet their post.


It would not make much sense for these readers to post their readings in the thread where anybody can see them. Instead, they often deliver the readings via Direct Message to those who followed the instructions about following, retweeting, and commenting their choice of pile.


Finally, very few Twitter readers post videos of them live reading for each pile in the original thread. These videos are much like the YouTube Pick a Card videos. Though, the production quality is typically nowhere near as professional as the setups YouTube readers have.

  • Instagram—Much like Twitter, Instagram Pick a Card General Readings start with a photo of the piles of cards with crystals on them. Also, in keeping with Twitter’s theme, the delivery method of reading messages depends on the reader.

Many readers simply post a full photoset that starts with the piles and progresses through images with the readings typed up for each pile. This is certainly the easiest way to execute general readings as a reader, but it’s possible to get less engagement (likes and follows) this way.


Readers looking to boost engagement might stipulate that only those who like, follow, and sometimes tag a friend and comment which pile they want may receive a reading. In this case, the reader would Direct Message the readings to each follower individually.


There are also often Instagram Live General Readings to look out for from your favorite readers.


What if I Pick the Wrong Pile?

Most likely, you won’t. Spirit has a way of drawing you to the correct pile(s) for you. It’s often frightening or jarring for those new to getting readings how incredibly accurate these are.


In my experience of both providing general readings and receiving them, I’ve found that spirit just does not allow people to pick the wrong cards or messages that aren’t for them.


I’ve even prepared a general reading and noted that pile three’s reading was a message that one specific coven sister really needed to hear. But I didn’t mention this to her at all. I just posted the Pick a Card as if I knew nothing. Low and behold, the cards she selected were pile three.


In the same general reading, pile four had a message sent from the gods for my lover. But again, I didn’t mention this to him and allowed him to select his cards organically. Naturally, he picked pile four.


People will always pick the message that’s meant for them. Spirit will make sure of that.



Most Pick a Card General Readings are free. At the most, the reader might require you to follow/like/retweet/tag a friend so that they can grow their page and business. However, the readings themselves are typically completely free of charge.


Tipping is typically not required in most cases, but it is always appreciated, as it takes a lot of spiritual energy to put together these types of general readings.

Many readers offer certain perks to clients who tip or tip a certain amount on their free general readings. For example, tippers may skip the line, be able to ask follow-up questions about their reading, receive additional cards for their reading, receive a discount on a future reading purchase, etc.


Reasonable tips for Pick a Card general readings could range anywhere from $1 to $15-$20 depending on the quality of delivery and how in-depth the reading was.


Check It Out for Yourself

The easiest way to find Pick a Card Readings and be introduced to the idea is to go to YouTube and begin typing Pick a Card in the search bar. Your results will populate with thousands of videos to choose from.


Select the video you feel most drawn to and enjoy your first general reading. Even the most hardened skeptic will raise an eyebrow at how spot-on these readings are and how they relate to your life so specifically when they’re messages meant for everyone.



Victoria is an eclectic witch based in the Midwest who stays actively involved in the online pagan community. When she’s not writing, you can find her offering guidance to less experienced witches and moderating large witchcraft groups and forums. Follow her adventures on Twitter at @witch_imightbe

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