Why You're So Annoying (According to Astrology)

By Patricia Telesco

Why You're So Annoying (According to Astrology)

True confessions: you have looked at your zodiac sign's characteristics and attributes as well as your daily forecast more than once. Most people have. It's interesting and fun. Of course, there's the old pick-up line, "what's your sign, baby?"

Ok, you're laughing because you remember those days. However, knowing a person's sign can give you a head's up on potential personality traits that aren't so rosey. In the tradition of forewarned is forearmed, let's take a look at the annoying astrological afflictions. 


Tag Line: Are you done yet?

Aries is a Ram in more than one way. If there's a wall, they want to knock it down. If you have an Aries in your life, you know they are also demanding and stubborn. Plus, Aries-born people move at warp speed and expect everyone else to keep up. When you can't, you get the stink face treatment. 

If you are looking for someone to keep the plastic ware matched, forget it. Aries are among the most disorganized of the Zodiac. When you ask them why the work wasn't done correctly, they give you a hard time. Argument is one of their favorite pastimes.

Impatience is, perhaps, the most common Aries issue. When they want something, they want it yesterday. If you love an Aries, you get used to it, along with a know-it-all attitude. 


Tag Line: It's mine, ALL mine!

Your Taurus friends and lovers are enamored of anything pretty and shiny. They want the best and most beautiful, and are willing to work for it. Taurus-born people take the idea of “keeping up with the Joneses" quite seriously. Unfortunately, this means the Bull becomes too absorbed in their career and often burn out. There is nothing sadder in the world than a mopey Taurus. 

While generally easy-going, the Bull can be stubborn as a, well, BULL. If they dig their horns into something, they're unlikely to let go. In an odd dichotomy, they can also be lazy. If they don't find a project or person motivational, off to the lounge chair they go!

The biggest relationship problem you face with a Taurus is possessiveness. When in love, your Bull will want you all to themselves. They can be inordinately jealous for no particular reason. If you love freedom, look elsewhere. 


Tag Line: Yes! Wait, No! Um, Maybe?

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so instead of dealing with just one unpredictable person, you've got two on your hands. It's like having two very active, overly smart seven year old's on the prowl. If you like consistency you will never find it in a Gemini (then again, you will never be bored). 

A huge caution with Gemini-born people is they make excellent used car salesmen. They're crafty, wicked smart, and manipulative. If a Gemini wants to take advantage of a person or situation, they can with little chance of being found out. 

Decision making? Now, that's an interesting battle. You will ask something simple, get an answer, then they change their minds 15 minutes later. When confronted about the previous decision, they look at you as if you had three heads. Part of this comes from being easily distracted (think: LOOK SQUIRREL!). The Twins need someone who can give them direction and put a dimmer switch on their tendency to overextend themselves for the latest and greatest adventure. 


Tag Line: I'm not emotional. You're emotional!

Cancer the Crab is one of the moodiest of all the Zodiac Signs. You never know exactly when (or why) they'll have an emotional outburst. Usually it is at the worst possible time, in the most embarrassing place. 

When the Crab gets moody, they retreat into their shells and stew. What's cooking? Pessimism. If they feel like a failure, it's very hard to get them back to that particular effort. At the same time, they want to grump and grouse about it, making it even harder to move on. 

Any interaction with Cancer-born people means repeatedly expressing your support and love. The Crab is very suspicious. If they get even a little whiff of something wrong in the air, off they run looking for a problem. Their dark imagination works against them, turning to fear. 


Tag Line: Look at my glorious hair!

Whew, the King or Queen of the Jungle is quite a handful. Often vain, Leo gets uppity if you dare to critique them on sensitive subjects. Even when you're being helpful, Leo wants to be in large and in charge, creating power struggles. 

Leo-born people have pie-in-the-sky ideas. They visualize what they want to accomplish, but it's not always realistic. In pursuit of these goals, they become bossy and inflexible. Leo bosses are the most headstrong of the Zodiac lot. 

When Leo is at their worst, the green-eyed monster takes over. They try to dominate people because, well, they're royalty remember?  Lastly, Leo has a strong arrogant side. They feel a leader must be that way so the peasants will adore them. 


Tag Line: There's a place for everything, and a thing for every place.

When it comes to fussy, Virgos have it down to a fine science. Among the star signs, they are the most likely to have a Type-A personality. There is no compromise when it comes to completing a task. Either do it right, or get out. When asked why, the answer is “because I said so.”

There's no question Virgo has a high standard for themselves, but they also hold that nearly impossibly high bar up for everyone else in their lives. The Virgo perfection standard isn't realistic for most. Unless they adjust expectations hurt feelings follow. 

One Virgo trait has two sides: Bluntness. On the annoying side you have words that knock you right off your feet they hit so hard. On a more positive note, you will never wonder where a Virgo stands on anything.


Tag Line: I am balanced.... sometimes.

Libras have intense charm. The dark side of Libra knows full well they can use a bat of the eye to persuade someone if they wish. Those forces who get people to sign over their souls were once a Libra.  

When Libra isn't in symmetry, they become superficial. They look only at the outside of a person, and often miss wonderful opportunities because of that. Make sure your hair is combed properly!

The Libra-born person doesn't like conflict. They put on a happy face just to avoid it. As a result, you can't always be sure what's behind that unnerving smile.


Tag Line: I might forgive but I never forget. 

Scorpio the scorpion is a powerhouse. They are strong, obsessive, and controlling. If they love you, they are the nicest of all the Zodiac signs. But if they think you've crossed them in any way, run for the hills! Those claws come out and they're wicked sharp. 

When the fires dwindle, you may be forgiven but past grudges remain in the back of their mind.  It usually takes years before you feel wholly at ease with them again. Even then, be cautious. 

The Scorpio-born person is not trusting. Trust is earned in their checks and balance book, and they will keep track. You would think for all their blustery confidence, they'd never worry about anything, but Scorpio has a soft heart. You can hurt them  more easily than you think.


Tag Line: I shot an arrow into the air, where it lands... well, that's fate.

Sagittarius the Archer has a temper, which makes their arrows even more dangerous. They become impatient with people to the point of offense. Their secondary mantra is “push harder.” Delay is not a word in the Sagittarius playbook. 

Your Archer friends and family come off as tactless many times. Sure, honesty is the best policy but damn! They give you their version of the truth with footnotes and a bibliography. 

It's difficult to be in a relationship with Sagittarius-born people because they easily overlook things. The little extra nicety slips under their radar all the time. It can get to the point where you don't want to try any more. If you bring it up, the Archer shrugs like it's no big deal. After all, they are perfect as they are!


Tag Line: The glass isn't half empty, it's dry!

Pessimism thy name is Capricorn. If there is any sense of risk with a person or situation, they keep it 6-feet away (if not across the country). One way they insure space is by being condescending. They figure, make em' angry and they'll stay away without any effort. 

Ever the realist, dreamers come away from conversations with Capricorns feeling beat up and shaky. Capricorn sucks the enthusiasm out of even the best laid plans. In turn, people become frustrated and resentful (and rightly so). 

In a blessing-curse scenario, Capricorns have no tolerance for stupidity. Now, there are people who simply don't know about a topic who should be given slack. Those who are willfully stupid, however, have got to go!


Tag Line: I've got a Secret

Have you ever seen the image of an old book complete with locks? That's Aquarius, the Water Bearer to a T. They hold back emotionally, and refuse to talk about anything if they don't wish.  When you try to get closer, it's like pulling teeth to get even one little peek into their inner world.  The sad part is that Aquarius does this even with friends and family. 

A bit like Gemini, you will find it hard to predict an Aquarian. They don't care about trends, norms, styles, etc. The Aquarian-born walks to a different drummer that no one else can hear.  They sometimes get so caught up in that rhythm that they become distant.

Detachment is an Aquarian master skill. They can listen, but rarely change their minds. You would think the Water Bearer would go with the flow, but nope. There is no middle path. You jump in the pool or sit on the sidelines. 


Tag Line: It's not much of a life, but I'm used to it

Pisces the fish are water creatures, making them soooo emotional. When things go wrong, they feel they have the worst luck in the universe. Of course, they must have been a bad person in a previous life.

The Pisces sensitivity means they laugh and cry on a dime, even within a few minutes of each other. They have grand ideals, but find it difficult to put a foundation under them. And if something doesn't matter to a Pisces, they'll just ignore it. 

As a way to overcome negativity, Pisces-born people day dream. It's the best way to avoid issues they refuse to face. To the unwitting, they just look scatterbrained, but don't be fooled. Pisces are smart! So they intelligently explain why life sucks. 

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